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Many claimants have not received a single social security payment ever, despite being recognised as in dire need and social security system approving the commencement of payments.

This outrageous situation in the Canary Islands has condemned many to extreme poverty and hardship; when asked the standard party line is akin to third world dictatorships , " no hay dinero", there;'s no money or in a sick joke fashion, no dinner!

To say there is no money is clearly untrue and in the opinion of many the Canary Islands government should be dragged in front of the court of human rights with its puppet master president Paolo Ravioli put on criminal charges for human rights violations.

One couple who we will refer to as Joe and Maureen have been caused extreme hardship and torment; Maureen has a life threatening illness and is severely physically disabled while Joe here elder partner was until 2007 a well paid professional in the UK they both lost all of the money they invested in their small business. Joe wants to look for work but without even the smallest most basic help he is unable to look for work; as he explains he couldn't even afford the bus fare to go for an interview.

"It's soul destroying, the Red Cross does little and local church is the only thing keeping us alive." The Canary Island authorities seem to just put up a wall with false promises of help that never materialises.

Why can't the Social Security pay this man what he is entitled too? Why is it over 4 months late?

$0.62 per day for food

usted me está matando

you are killing me, slowly but surely you are killing me
The words of an Irish resident who, despite being approved for social security payments, having waited the compulsory year needed before an payments are made has still not received a single cent of " el pci" despite payments being offcially approved from May 2014

He even logged an official complaint a "reclamación" and nearly five months later has not even received an official acknowledgement let alone a simple basic reply!

It's rather Interesting that on the list of countries by percentage of population living in poverty that Spain is one of those missing the information about the population living below thenational poverty line. Spain rated poorly in 2005, worse than Hungry 13.9, worse than Russia 13.1 and only slightly better than Romainia at (21); all comprable comparisons. However the last decade now see's the resident referred to above condemned to 0.49€ per day for food.

Typically 113€ help from the social security for two people every three months; although with the reality being closer to every four months this number drops even lower.

Even though accuate percentage rates are hard to find for 2013-2014 statistics of 29.9% at risk of poverty are too late, to little and frankly meaningless to those suffering this outrageous situation.

Spain should be absolutely and thoroughly ashamed. Petty political games by Government workers place the blame on Madrid; whilst there is undoubtedly truth in this Gran Canaria is nearly 1000 sea miles from Madrid this is happening on their Island! So the Canary Islands goverment cannot duck the responsibility of this less than 3rd world human crisis they are hiding from in the most dispicable fashion.
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Playa del Ingles Canary Islands government withholds social security benefits condemning many to severe and extreme poverty
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Canary Islands government withholds social security benefits condemning many to sever
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