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Tourism is big business in the Canary Islands, estimates for the sectors gross turnover vary from a €12 to €20 billion annually.
With travel to and from the Islands, undeclared earnings within the Islands and classic holiday maker overspend all put at double percentage points a reasonable estimate comes out at €16 billion.

Earnings in real returns look to grow steadily over this second decade as hotel upgrades and associated marketing efforts nudge Gran Canaria away from the low cost destination back towards the higher end of the market.

Welcome to Playa del Ingles, the "English beach" as the translation goes; it's the most popular and some say, after due consideration say, one of the happiest places to be on earth

The expression mini continent is used to by many to describe the climate on this and the surrounding Islands. Gran Canaria like most of the Islands here has all kinds of weather, however the big selling point here is 300+ days of uninterrupted sunshine in the south and an average temperature of around 27°C.

Europe's second most popular beach resort quickly becomes Europe's most popular beach resort in the winter months as hundreds of thousands of holiday makers arrive to enjoy the hot winter sunshine

New Ideas policies plans and people power find new openings here and when we're not by the pool or on the beach we tend to hatch a few plans: managing paradise see some of the features here. .
Webica is the first co-ordinated group of Websites to focus exclusively on promoting companies the Spanish Canary Islands.

Our platform connects different Websites in the tourist industry that collectively share the one central interest of promoting companies services and the future of all those connected with these Islands.

Spanish based with multilingual audiences our client advertisers benefit from industry leading applications and over a decade of the advanced Web technologies and Online Marketing.

Cita Centre gets new Web site Cita Centre Canaria
For those who are still trying to improve theor Spanish then this is one of the more reliable sources of improving both your spoken and written Spanish but also a small glimpse into the "semi-official" view of some Spaniards.
The news read in fairly reasonable speed for those, like me who benefit from a few extra tens of milliseconds to recognise what's being said.
Marketing: Small is the New Big Data too!.

An appealing article by Seth Godin, a speaker and columnist on the Entrepreneurs' Organization Website published a list of Marketing tips.
We take his thoughts and turn them to the Holiday and Hotel Industries. read more here.

As the worldwide trend of PC sales decreases for the 5th year the rise in the number of holiday makers using their smart phones to access an internet site or service is estimated at 20% +

How smart is A.I. on the internet and how much closer is technology to making the "perfect sale" - we investigate from the fortunate Isles.
It's reasonable to assume that the ultimate commercial may well be interactive, unlike todays best efforts to sell paradise the near future will see more viewer participation, adverts and games, educational cultural musical experiences will merge as smarter iterative experiences cumulating in a smart sell.
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PDI Business Magazine the business and tourism guide to the canary islands
PDI online magazine is the definitive English language source for business and tourism information for the Spanish Canary Islands.


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Short selling band blocks opportunistic traders from cashing in on Spains falling share prices.

Updated July 23rd 2012.


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