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The Spanish are often said to be hot blooded, but certain events show many Englishmen to be hot blooded too. Many felt shame and said British internal politics perversely influences our collective morality and judgement to not support immediate military strikes in Syria

Is is fair to say the infection of lawyers pierces the heart of Englishmen?

The benevolent elegance and generosity of the senior American protagonists featured on the BBC television does not sooth the deep fundamental pain felt by the those who say the moral duty of an immediate response was ducked!

Reports of Ed ( attorney) Millland) winning an internal British political advantage may be true, but will truly rebound in the light of the facts and reality that will reveals themselves to the world in the next few months

President Obama does not have the answers, but the international images of the British parliament that it appears to be incapable of action; of facing the questions raised as the result of a large scale Gas attack launched by the current Syrian Regine.

Simply put Spain is not one of those Europeans military powers that could join at degrading the Syrian regimes ability to launch further rocket or air based chemical attacks so the small number of votes that defeated Prime minister Cameron's motion adds to the apparent shame felt by those who voted or abstained for voting for the British government's motion.
Interviews published by the BBC and most of the British media report opposition leader Milliband as saying that Britain must show it's independence from the USA and make its own sovereign decisions.

Whist the less than obscure bias of state television station services selective editing of the oppositions leaders comments are deeply concerning; the issue of the leader of the labour party using such terms appears as equally pathetic as it is disturbing to those thrive on such populist rhetoric.

Any political advantage gained by anyone concerned by these recent events at the end of August 2013 is clearly superficial; most accept that. It will probably take several years to show that the current British Prime Ministers position as of August 30th 2013 is correct.

Whilst we await the consequences of the USA 's military actions the free western world must be prepared to respond to the use of chemical gas and battlefield nuclear weapons in a united front when any state uses such weapons against its own population.
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One of the worlds leading Tourist Attractions 13 votes defeat Englands military response to gas attacks in Syria
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