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The amalgamation of the PC Caja de Canarias with Bankia has exposed a seriously degraded security system which could very easily expose many thousands of people to criminals who wish to access their accounts via the internet

Thousands of people who previously accessed their bank accounts via the relatively secure PC Caja system offered by the La Caja de Canarias are now forced to accept a seriously flawed downgraded system from Bankia..

Criminals just need to know your pin number you use when your access at a cashpoint machine ( not too difficult to look over someones shoulder when they type in the pin number ) and your NIE or Passport number; then they can access your account via the internet.

The last two, particularly your NIE number is very easy for many people to access because in Spain everyone needs to present their NIE number all the time for virtually any kind of offcial transaction or service, signing for a letter from the postman, for any kind of contract (e.g. for mobile), for any purchase of electrical goods, furniture etc.
There are numerous instances when you need to present your NIE number.
This means for the most part your NIE is publicly available information

Be very very careful
8 out of the 12 numbers needed to access your bank account online are already largely in the public domain

If you are targeted by a criminal they just need to know your 4 digit PIN number for your bank card and they can access your account online.

Banking fees rise by 50%

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Banking Finance, Currency, Stocks and Shares Banking security crisis in the Canary Islands
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Bankia, criminales o inmorales sólo prestamistas

26/07/2017 02:33:26

Spanish bank Bankia charges 349900 percent for overdraft
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Time to buy Spanish Debt
Buying Spanish debt took on a new scale today August 7th 2011 as the European bank decided to buy Spanish treasuries known as Letras.

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Nerviosismo de los mercados sobre los préstamos a España
Los costos de endeudamiento de España en el miedo a aumentar de más la deuda
España ha tenido que pagar mayores tasas de interés para pr..

26/07/2017 02:33:26

Resultado, números ganadores Cruz Roja, Sorteo del Oro 21 de Julio 2011
Every year the Spanish Red Cross hold a lottery like raffle, the winning ticket prize is 100Kg of Gold
This years winners were announced ..

26/07/2017 02:33:26

La Caja de Canarias is taken over by Bankia
The beginning of 2013 saw the end of La Caja de Canaria the bright yellow coloured bank that seemed to be everywhere throughout the Canary Isl..
26/07/2017 02:33:26

Banking in the Canary Islands - fees increase by 50 percent
Charges for maintaining accounts rise by 50% across the Canary Islands for hundreds of thousands of customers.

The takeover "rescue..

26/07/2017 02:33:26

Banking security crisis in the Canary Islands
The amalgamation of the PC Caja de Canarias with Bankia has exposed a seriously degraded security system which could very easily expose many t..
26/07/2017 02:33:26

Greece to leave Europe - E.E.C. more ready for seperation
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