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Gran Canaria Public Transport

The Spanish use one of two expressions for public Buses, Autobus or Guaguas.
In the Canary Islands the second expression is used more by native Canarians but everybody will understand the expression Autobus.

There are no trains so public buses represent the only means of public transport on Gran Canaria.

There are two types of bus, yellow for the capital city of Las Palmas in the north of the Island and blue for the rest of the Island.

Generally speaking the service tends to comprehensive in the north, east and south of the Island, reflecting the population densities.

There is little or no services on the West of the Island or inwards towards the mountainous regions where many of the roads become very steep twisting and narrow.

Global SU offer a comprehensive and frequent, service with a large number of routes throughout Gran Canaria, many of which are listed here in these pages that connect to the timetable for the most popular routes.

There are frequent and fast services connecting the Airport with both Las Palmas and Maspalomas although these services are reduced slightly during the summer months they do run from around 6.30 am to around midnight.

. ( Canary Islands bus company for all towns across Gran Canaria [Spanish only] )

( Canary Islands bus company for the capital city Las Palmas Gran Canaria [Spanish only] )

There is an an open-top tourist bus for trips throughout the Las Palmas city points of beauty and cultural significance

Líneas y horarios
The letter g is silent in Spanish and so the term Guaguas is pronounced like the sound made when you say waa-waa).

The Website which serves the bus times for Gran Canaria, rather ambitiously named global, is only available in Spanish and subsequently a little difficult to navigate unless you can read and translate Spanish.

To help I have included direct links to the bus company website where they publish latest timetable for each of the major bus routes.

For each link there is the origin and destination and the bus number and a link to the bus companies Website

The bus companies Website requires that you have a PDF viewer on your computer which you need to view the details of any of its scheduled bus routes

Most bus stations and nearly every shopping centre will have an outlet where you can buy a special 10 Journey discount ticket which will generally save you about 20%

The 10 journey ticket is one single ticket that you pop into the machine which then writes a data stamp on the back of the ticket.
You can use the ticket anytime you want and is valid for up to three months from purchase. .
Travel options to and from Playa del Ingles Buses
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The Spanish use one of two expressions for public Buses, Autobus or Guaguas.
In the Canary Isl..

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