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Extra discounts available.
Advertisers now have the option to include real time discounts on their Web advertising banner.

One of the very real questions small businesses need to know is does advertising really work?

Just because big corporations spend millions on advertising doesn't mean it will work for me!

If a business owner has a customer in front of him or her claiming their discount with the discount code then that is direct evidence that their advertising has worked - and that's exactly what's new and available in the tourism industry

Trials of a new feature to be included in all banner advertising in the Canary Islands Publicity network have begun

Advertisers can set percentage discounts and the expiry time of the offer.
The discount code is automatically generated for each advertiser so there's no need to worry about all the technical stuff

Discount codes might last for a day, a week or as long as the Ad is online plus advertisers will have the option to tune the percentage and expiration dates to best suit their business.

So the idea of happy hour or a Friday nigh special becomes available.

This may well go viral on the social networks and give the small advertisers the long awaited proof they need to be sure their advertising is really working.
Multilingual Multicultural Advertising banner demonstration.

This demonstration shows an example banner 120x600 pixels which automatically detects and adjusts to the viewers language-culture settings. This particular banner has been designed to display in either Danish, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian Swedish and English which is the default if the viewers language is not one of the above.
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Watch out for ads with either the % or € symbol in the top left or right of an ad; just mouse over to see how much discount you can claim on purchases and how long the offer lasts for.

Web Marketing Canaria
Marketing and Advertising on the Web Discount codes included in advertising banners the holiday industry
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European wide Multilingual Advertising for all
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Coca Cola Gran Canaria. Las Canaries Espania
Julio 30 El 2011
Ahora estamos re-publicar este artículo en español y tratando de llegar a tierra firme

08 de julio 2011

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Coca Cola Gran Canaria - untrustworthy distribution
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Affilliate your way out of the Economic Downturn
Affilite are the lasted way to make money on the Web
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Are you Born to Sell, or are you in a panic just thinking about it
Do you find it easy to sell?

Maybe you find a few other things equally as difficult as selling.
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Free Web advertisng for Business affiliates across the Canary Islands
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Discount codes included in advertising banners the holiday industry
Extra discounts available.
Advertisers now have the option to include real time discounts on their Web advertising banner.


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Big Data and Small Island Marketing Tourism in the Holiday and Travel Industry.
Marketing: Small is the New Big.
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