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The Spanish are TOTALLY OBSESSED with copies of documents, you'll need to present a copy of your passport NIE NIF so many times you may lose the will to live.

Even with the same office on different occasions there seems to be the need to represent; there must be at least 10-50 copies of every document floating around out there, at least in the Canary Islands

The idea of having some acceptable co-operative authority that can be referenced is akin to alien technology.

You may detect an air of frustration with the tone of this column.
Be prepared for any action involving a purchase, registration, change of details, request for a service, change of a service or literally anything that involves any type of interaction in any way with any business or any institution.

This goes for little things like getting your telephones SIM card copied, collecting a prescription, sending or collecting a document from the post office : any kind of contract any kind of service any kind of interaction that involves any kind of data exchange.

billion dollar gay economy Canary Islands 2012 - still growing despite crisis
There's more!

Any time you telephone e.g. Telefonica you need your NIE number.

You may be calling form your own number and wanting to talk about anything connected with your service, again you need your passport or NIE number.

You NIE number is printed on each telephone bill so it is hardly a means of secure identification but the procedure is you need to tell them it each and every time you call.

Any time you telephone any company, any agency and clinic, any office.

A slightly different storey but in the same vein, I once saw a shop asistente collapse / faint and whilst caring customers put a towel under her head and tried to reassure here that she should try to be calm and told her not to move until a para medic arrived a policeman walked in (policia local).

She was still laying on the floor where she fell, she was concious although a little weak and confused; the very first thing he did, within 1-2 seconds, was to ask her for her identification.

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