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Villas Blancas,Is it too expensive, is it good value for money, is Gay exclusive always the best choice? Have your say here, send us you comments and we´ll publish them.
We know your Gay so it´s time to pay was the joking motto in a few east end pubs, is it the same for renting Gay popular holiday accommodation in Gran Canaria .
We noticed their Web site does´nt have a feedback or comments section, so we are giving you the choice to have your say hear soon.
Sites like Tripadvisor appear high in all search engine rankings because people love to blog, and people love to blog about their holidays, however there does´nt seem to be a Gay specific blogger from and for the Canary Islands

There are several forums that are connected directly with Gran Canaria, may of which are well known to locals, however this being the number one Gay Holiday destination in Europe most of what they publish does´nt reach a wider Audience
Send to
Why send to us? will be developing a gay holidays specific forum but it will not be online before October this year.
You can send you comments to us for now and we will publish and pass them onto
Sometimes what we publish gets noticed.
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Property Owners Renting to tourist Feedback, comments, have your say on the Gay Accommodation in Gran Canaria
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Clearly investing long term in e.g. timber production or short term in currency variation represent tow ends of the retrun period.


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Market Rises and falls, reasons why they happen
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Commission on buying and selling
As a general rule you should never pay more than 1% however this does depend on the size of the purchase, the absolute maximum should not exce..
24/06/2017 04:45:53

Rent a holiday apartment in Playa del Ingles November 2010

Cafe Florin is the place to ask if you want to find out which a..
24/06/2017 04:45:53

Feedback, comments, have your say on the Gay Accommodation in Gran Canaria
Villas Blancas,Is it too expensive, is it good value for money, is Gay exclusive always the best choice? Have your say here, send us you comm..
24/06/2017 04:45:53

Apartments to Rent in Playa del Ingles

Page Updated Decemberr 8th 2010.
Call Café Flo..

24/06/2017 04:45:53

Cheapest Apartments Bungalows and Hotels in Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas

Playa del Ingles is the downtown part of Maspalomas.
When you drive from the nor..

24/06/2017 04:45:53

Apartment Atlantis Playa del Ingles
Having set the standard I´m glad to say the community in Atlantis, around 25% Gay have now adotped Cafe Florin and, perhaps due to our efforts..
24/06/2017 04:45:53

Your landlords responsibilities when you rent in Spain
In Gran Canaria there is no legal requirement to have a contract when you as a Tenant rent an apartment or when you as a landlord rent out an ..
24/06/2017 04:45:53
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