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The Gran Canaria Business Week conference a Swedish driven event aimed at producing an English Language based entrepreneurs get together.

Most notably the event saw the launch of a new way for any website to internationalise itself in a matter of minutes!

There was a wide range of speakers given opportunities make presentations, some of whom talked about their experiences doing business in Gran Canaria and others presented themselves, projects and advice, storeys and opinions on what it takes to become and successful entrepreneur.

John Mulkearns who last worked in the U.K. as the senior lead programmer at NESTA, the lottery funded business startup organization presented his own project; an online internationalization service which can also double as a new tool for multilingual and multicultural marketing.

It goes back to the basics of the Web and combines what we all can create with online translators with a way of delivering messages, graphics and more to any number of foreign speaking communities we choose; and all this is available to any website owner without any need for programming.

Back in 2008 when Sir Tim Berners Lee promoted the future of the Web at NESTA he talked about the semantic web finally starting to accelerate.
More information about the presentations and content featured at the 2015 Gran Canaria Business week can be found on the organizers website or on the Facebook links
or here ,
or more recently here
The actual organisation of the conference lacked structure and a few basics such as list of speakers, published timeslots and felt it went along on a wing and a prayer at times.

The whole event was reasonable effort at networking entrepreneurs together but lacked any real business substance and at times felt more like hype than hyper.

Even after the third day there was still no post reference information except a vague promise to "put stuff on Facebook which didn't impress The information published on the Facebook posts as of Jan 7th still lack any professional structure and appear to be fairly random postings. Perhaps this will change in the next few weeks so we'll reserve comment for the Web publications for a later date.

As a final footnote any business conference that dedicated 39 minutes to a presentation about CERN (as was the case in 2013) was bound to be hard going.

In conclusion the 2015 gathering, the third of it's kind, proved to be somewhat erratic but hopefully will grow into a more popular event and connect a little more with larger range of small and bigger businesses who are based in or originate from all the Canary Islands.

Good luck from us at PDI Biz to all those who attended or participated in the 2015 Gran Canaria Business Week
Internationalization made easy as 123

For both businesses that already have multilingual content accessed by clicking on a country specific flag and for websites and business that don't yet have anything in place this new online service allows any website to grab the attention of foreign audiences.

Presented to the attendees of the third Gran Canaria Business week the author John Mulkearns outlined the main features of this service as being as easy to use as posting a message on Facebook with a graphic for each language group you want to impress and then adding one extra line of html to implement it on any website.

This means provides the ability for every web page on any website to automatically present any of your translated content.. John explained that it's important to grab the attention of your foreign visitors at the first opportunity and that's what this service provides.

No programming is required; by just adding one extra line of html to your existing website your international profile is transformed.

Other presentations featured slide shows and talks about a range of new services being developed by Spanish developers who were born in these Islands and foreign developers who have decided to settle, relocate or start new business in Gran Canaria.
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