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Free Business Magazine online PDI playa del Ingles Business and tourism Guide to the Canary Islands Health tourism Guide for the Canary Islands World Tourism day 2012 Contact the Editorial team at Playa del Ingles Free Language Exchange for Professioanls The Canary Wharf London Business Center Wifi Internet service Playa del Ingles no longer runs like a "treacle running down sandpaper". According to Alexa systems reports from last year on the sites loading time it was between 15 to 20 seconds.
Un structured testing by us showed it to be around 30 seconds for links from the homepage, now down to 5-10 seconds which is normal for most.

It was very slow and getting slower said John Mulkearns of Webica, responsible for the systems that drive over 24 Web sites throughout the Canary Islands.
"We regularly check the major sites around these parts just as interested users and personally I find it frustratingly slow nearly every time I look ( about once every month or two)", but no longer, at least no for the newer pages.
Joomla had its day?
Joomla is a "off the shelf" product used by the author at
"Whilst Joomla is quite popular and an easy product to use it has it´s limitations and sooner or later reaches a limit" said John Mulkearns lead programmer of Webica. "it´s better in the long run to use systems developed by specialists and not to cut corners with all-in-one power user products like that which "drives"
It´s not fair on Advertisers
Often the only feedback Advertisers get is "more bums on seats", they do not have the time to scrutinise the such things as page load time.

Clearly most Web site visitors do not visit most Web pages to see adverts, they visit the pages looking for information to hep them learn, make decisions, to be informed and sometimes entertained. Adverts are something pagr designers add into a page to make revenue for themselves, something which they have sold to advertisers who are trying to generate more income fo their business.

When the Web site is for a small Island and many of the advertisments are for small Island businesses then we recommend to check the popularity of the site before buying publicity

Here are their Advertising rates
Apperently they see Canarias7 as one of their "target competitors", very odd this as is clearly a Spanish site, with Spanish Content aimed at Spanish visitors so why would that be attractive to "English speaking advertisers".

We suggest you try his high speed forum. good luck lex.
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