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As the BBC record at the Languages Exchange (Intercambio de Idiomas) at Café Florin for broadcast on Radio 4 later this month, we reveal how Gran Canaria features in the Learning zone Tuesday 5 June to Friday 8 June 2012, 04.00 - 06.00 on BBC Two.

BBC Learning zone includes a fictional story about a corrupt property developer who flees to Gran Canaria.
Commentary and subtitles in Spanish.

la suma es mayor que la totalidad de sus partes

John Mulkearns and Florin Balan run the intercambio de idiomas at Cafe Florin.
Cafe Florin were given around 48 hours notice by Text message that the BBC radio 4 team would be arriving at the Cafe. They were note fully aware of the Radio teams intentions until they arrived.
No interviews were conducted, just recording of our meeting made which were subsequently mixed with an interview with Theresa Coe performed at some other location and time.
The broadcast gave the impression that she Theresa Coe was present at the Intercambio de idiomas event at Cafe Florin in Playa del Ingles. She was not.
Having now broadcast the team at Cafe Florin are unhappy with the content in which she talks about a "desperate need" to learn langauges.

The Intercambios at Cafe Florin are anything but people with desperate needs, they tend to be professionals, police, teachers, doctors, solicitors.

We don't like Miss Coe's portrayal of our intercambio's as serving desperate needs said John Mulkearns

. Our intercambios are fun educational relaxed events where every participant is made to feel welcome and valued, exchange learning is most effective when both parties work together is a relaxed fun environment.

The recordings at the Cafe were used as a backdrop sound track mixed in with an interview previously recorded, her tone, story telling and depiction misrepresented the intercambio experince at Cafe Florin.

We are not pleased to have been used in this way as a platform to further her own agenda.

Particularly as she She has tried to open meetings in other bars to rival Cafe Florin and expressed her desire more than once to stop the Intercambio de idiomas meetings at Cafe Florin.

We have nothing against her, but unfortunatly she appears to have something against Cafe Florin

Cafe Florin would like to point out that she has no influence, control or power over any of their intercambio meetings, she has'nt been to any intercambio meetings in the last 7 months and based on behaviour over this period it doesn't look like she will be attending any in the near future

It all started with John Mulkearns at an internet Cafe in Playa del Ingles

Recorded for the "Saturday Live" broadcast on BBC radio 4, Harry Parker seen below recording some highlights of last Sundays Intercambio de idiomas at Café Florin
BBC Gran Canaria

Just one day before the BBC crew arrived the Website announced that it includes over 250 internet radio station links to English,Spanish and German radio stations

The Café Florin take on the story is here and the radio stations are under the 3 links that follow.

Given the word Radio is the same in German Spanish and English we decided to test the dictionary search box by typing in the word Radio into each dictionary, while the search isn't as fast as we would like it to be the system is quite good, and the animated mind bubbles in the English dictionary is "well cool dude" to quote my 11 year old.

for this and all the other 242,000 English word pages in the English dictionary section

for this and all the other 86,000 Spanish word pages in the Spanish dictionary section

for this and all the other 611,000 German word pages in the German dictionary section

In each case you need to scroll down the page to see the list of Radio stations, the position and number of the stations may change.

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