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Some extraordinary claims about the number of online listeners were made during the Gay Pride Maspalomas 2011 Stage shows held in the Yumbo center.

Two announcements to the assembled audience stated 13000 online listeners one night, then 500,000 thousand online listeners world wide three nights later!

The claims were announced to the audience towards the final few minutes of the stage shows that marked the 10th year celebration of Yumbo based Gay Pride.
We have checked the Website promoted here in Gran Canaria
assuming this is the main site that onlne visitors in Gran Canaria would have used to connect to listen to the broadcast in Gran Canaria then we are certain that nowhere near this number visited this site or its home page (Visting the sites homepage presents Web site visitors with a page where the various client players are available to select to receive the Radio stations stream.)
To the best of our knowledge this particular KISS radio has no connection with KISS FM from the U.K. or any of the KISS FM station in the U.S.A.
Of course with the Web you can be anywhere and connect with any other part of the Web, So yo could be in the Yumbo and connect to an English based server that was taking the streamed broadcast and listen via the U.K. and not the "local Web site" your browser could connect with a listeners

Counter disappeared
Having viewed the above site today Friday 13th the Web sites "counter" disappeared, but not before we were able to determine that it was not counting unique visitors, it was counting page requests ( views ) because clicking refresh caused the counter to increment each time the page refresh button was clicked, so one visitor could cause the page to count them 100 times if they hit the refresh button 100 times.
This not a crime, nor is it dishonest, but it is potentially misleading.

We invite KISS FM from Gran Canaria to put the record straight and believe they will do. In the meantime, as usual don't believe everything you see and hear, Gran Canaria like anywhere else in the world is full of those that cross the line.

Here's a counter we recommend to the KIss FM team, this one only shows unique visits per page and and of course you get to see who is tunning in from where

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