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Short selling band blocks opportunistic traders from cashing in on Spains falling share prices.

Updated July 23rd 2012.

June 18 2012 Spanish borrowing costs hit new high

Ad mentioned last month the 100 billion euro bailout for Spain has failed to lower Spanish bond yields
The time when Spain needs much more money to save itself is now very much closer.
So hold on as this summers roller coaster speeds up. Last month Spains 10yesr euro bonds touched 7% for the fist time, now today July 23rd they are nearly touching 7.4%.
Meaning the Spanish Government would have to pay 7.4% interest on any new money they borrowed.

As Eurozone ministers approved a 100bn bailout for Spanish Banks a 18bn euro fund was also setup for the 17 regional governments, one of whom (Valencia) has already asked for extra help, possibly followed by others like Murcia and Canarias.
On an less serious but equally true point we note that even the BBC says " falling house prices mean that it is a good time to buy, especially in the Canary Islands".

Foriegn buyers are set to move in due to the paralysis of the national Spanish banks that are now acting as both lenders and estate agents

Many Spanish owners have defaulted there are very few mortgages being given to Spanish citizens to snap up the flood of bargains on the market now, especially here in the Canary Islands suffering the double hit of reduced world wide tourism

This all ads up to a golden opportunity now and probably for the next 6-12 months for foreign buyers from the U.K., Norway, Germany, Sweden and other large visitor winter communities to buy rather than long term rent"

more on property for Sale Playa del Ingles here

The Spanish are selling at bargain prices and foreigners with £30-£75K are starting to snap up some cheap good housing stock that cost £1-200K less than 3 years ago.
This summer is a good time to buy in Gran Canaria as some house prices hit rock bottom

Buying direct from the owners may seem like a difficult process but it's not.

Avoiding estate agents could mean direct buyers stands to make some high yield profits over 4-8 years and enjoy 6 months winter Sun each year, don't ponder too long this is a buyers market.

The Olympics in London are likely to reduce visitors from the U.K according to the some sources, however the effects are not expected to last past August

With increasing market fears about the Spanish economy many are predicting increased internal tensions over the summer as cutbacks take further effect and Spain's worst unemployment region worsens.

Gold prices - differs by dealer for transactions
Gold price Trend - recent Spain
Spain moves to the right after General Election 20th of November 2011
The Canary Islands accounted for just under 22% of all of the foreign tourist spending in Spain in the first six months of this year 2011

Up just under 15% for the Canary Islands from last year and helping to boost the entire Spanish economies Tourist Spending figures by over 8.5%!
The United Kingdom provided the biggest overall contribution although the Norwegians were the biggest spenders, 117 euros per day compared to the Brits 85 euros per day.

2011 saw 11% more air passengers

AENA reported that all the Ca

Housing prices have droped again as the Spainish enter another recession; the Spanish Banks are obliged to sell their stocks but smart buyers are ready to grab some upcoming bargains in the Canary Islands direct from owners

Bolsa Internacional

Ready to sell you Bunds?
Will the Germans put European Debt above German national Debt

A victory for the Euro?.
With the potential of the ECB not revising the inflation target up to between 3-4% Spains short term futures in the Euro is secure with the 100 billion Euro loan, maybe it's too early to forget that this crisis is dragging on year after years and Spain may be forced to consider introducing a new peseta which would be backed by the Spanish Banks, a realistic option for the Spanish economy.

Until this June 2012 it was possible to say that the Spanish government has a relatively low debt levels compared to e.g. Germany's 79% of GDP, Spain's public debt to GDP was put at 67% at the start of 2012, the best in Europe.

Test of the Euro, the Scottish debat, June 8.

Double Pressure on Spanish Banks
Falling value of housing stock assets and and workforce struggling to pay debts
more here..
Germany issues special warning about super glue

Local Banks sign pack to start lending to hotels for renovation

Is the best time to buy gold is near?

Your weight in Gold- the Cruz Roja oro annual prize

House prices fall 28%+ 2011 saw house prices fall by over 17% following the 2004-2008 easy credit period when they went up by 45%
Many are sitting tight, but those serious about selling are now selling for up to 35% below 2007/8 prices.

Back from the Future, Las Palmas looks back from 2066

more analysis

Spain downgraded to BBB

Today 2012 one year later, how has the Jobs Market in Spain changed?

Why Spain owes so much money - BBC : June 1st 2012

Tourismo Canarias
German accounted for 16.5% of the total spending tourist expenditure, which itself saw a rise of 3.9% across Spain in Feb 2012
With most of the spending in February 2012 concentrated in the Canary Islands, the United Kingdom accounted for 423 million euros of spending,
The Nordic countries increased their spending in February 2012 with Scandinavian tourists accounting for 4.8% equating to 376 million euros

Key points of Rahoy Package
■Ministries' budgets cut by up to 50%
■Civil servants' wages frozen
■Electricity bills up 7% and gas up 5%
■Unemployment benefit frozen
■No rise in VAT
■Pensions to rise in line with inflation
■Corporation tax revenue to rise by reducing deductions companies can make
■Amnesty on tax evasion in return for 10% fee

Time to buy Spanish Debt
Spain owes the U.K. about 100bn Euro.
...more here

Economic Comparison:
Tourism GDP per capita 600% greater for Canarias than Madrid
...more here

World Stock Market Data LIVE

Bolsa Spanish Stock market
Spanish Stock market Madrid "La Bolsa"

Social networking
Canary Islands lagging behind mainland in social networking. just under 50% compared with the mainlands close 70% figure

Canary Islands get biggest website
Canary Islands has several well known Websites, we reckon some of the biggest have around 8,000 pages online
Check back here in a week or two for a new site with 800,000 pages.
More low cost flights
Canary Islands, on of the big low cost flight destinations with more low-cost flights in May than ever before.

Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia are the regions that have focused more flights of low cost airlines in May, including cornering 86.3% of the total registered in the country Judges for the candidates for 2016 European City of Culture arrived in Las Palmas.

Spanish Billionaires Spains rich list, movers and Shakers

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