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A new local classified ads website with an international twist.

The Website declares it is for the Spanish and foreign language communities that visit and live in all parts of the Canary Islands.

Unique because it has been designed to enable and encourage each language to access and participate in one market where everyone can publish to and read adverts from any tongue.

All of the categories for goods and services appear in English for English visitors, Spanish for the Spanish and in German for the German visitors etc.

Just to make this point one last time, what English visitors publish in English can be read by both Spanish and German visitors and what the Spanish publish and be found and read by both the English and German communities.

As quite a lot of the ads are from the 2+ million local Spanish inhabitants a little flag appears next to each one ready to translate it for you.


This site is not only about business and tourism, we front line social injustices too; here's the latest piece of evil government we have discovered here in Gran Canaria.

When someone out of work receives help from the Social Services they receive free medication, sounds good; but there is one big catch that might cost someone their life.

When the limited help the social services give someone assed to be in need expires after a maximum of two years they not only no longer receive any help they also have to pay for their medication.
In reality that means many have to go without antibiotics, even if it was an emergency. So at the exact same time the state withdraws the basic help many need it also starts charging those same people for medication - sound kind of evil to anyone from Northern Europe
So does the Spanish system rate as the Bastard of Europe!

Yep, pretty much looks that way

Inject language dependent content.

Injecting language dependent content is the term coined to internationalize a Website via a Web Service which injects the language dependent content the service consumer deems best to present to each foreign observer.
19:34 17/09/2016
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Web Publications and mastering Search Engines New Trade platform as internal markets opened to foreign participation
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New Trade platform as internal markets opened to foreign participation
A new local classified ads website with an international twist.

The Website declares it is for the Spanish and ..

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Web Developer ASP.NET C

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keywords Gran Canaria and advertising in the Tourist Industry
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This is why..

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Search Engine colossus for the Canary Islands
This is not a search engine, it is a list of static Web pages with links to other sites, some of which have minor search engines


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Of cou..

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