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New efforts to upgrade the Tourist sector.
Better communications between businesses within the touris sector acrosss the Canaries was announced as a list of 25 measures to boost the tourist sector and services were made public by José Fernando Cabrera. With daily communicatons between the Tourist sector and the Airlines, amoungst them was a desire to help local growers of fruit and vegtables, it is hoped that growers will be better placed to sell into hotels.
Tourism and Trends
Driving and responding to the needs of Tourism New efforts to upgrade the Tourist sector for 2012
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Las canteras Beach Gran Canaria - perfect new year break in the sun
Las Canteras, a beautiful beach located in the north east of Gran Canaria, on the small part of the capital Las Palmas that sticks out inTo th..
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5 star Gran Canaria - changing times
Where Gran Canaria is now boasting 13 five star hotels the islands generally are beginning to move up more up market with Gran Canaria leading..
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Tourism Demographics Gran Canaria Nov 2012 - April 2013
Published originally in May 2013 the following represents a summary of some of the main demographic statistical data available.

23/07/2017 06:56:40

Gran Canaria opens more 5 star Hotels
For several years Tenerife has been the leading Island in terms of the number of 5 star hotels available to holiday makers but that picture is..
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Nearly 20 percent drop in Spanish Holiday makers to the Canaries

Hotel occupancy rates for the winter season from November 2012 t..

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Playa del Ingles maintains capital investment and moves upmarket
2013 Playa del Ingles
As the recent investments in 2012 both improve facilities and maintain this resorts unique position in the h..

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April 2012 foreign visitors to the Canary Islands fell nearly 16 percent
The Canary Islands received 787,687 visitors last April 2012, a decrease of 15.90% over the same month of 2011,

148,948 fewer passe..

23/07/2017 06:56:40

New efforts to upgrade the Tourist sector for 2012
New efforts to upgrade the Tourist sector.
Better communications between businesses within the touris sector acrosss the Canar..

23/07/2017 06:56:40

2010 Tourists and Visitor numbers to the Canary Islands
Just over ten and a half million tourists (10,537,983 ) visited the Canary Islands in 2010.

If trends continue towards the end of..

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Pond on Maspalomas beach to close down.
The heavy rains caused the pond at maspalomas beach to join with the sea, significantly changing the nature of the pond. The local council hav..
23/07/2017 06:56:40
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