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Under £50,000 will now buy you a property in Playa del Ingles today June 2012.

Buying directly from owners and not via estate agents is increasingly popular and not particularly complicated.

A Notario is the official who oversees the purchase transaction and will charge a fee of around 3-400€.

You may need some translation help dealing with the Spanish owners but the most important thing is to be on the ground here if you want the real bargains otherwise you could be looking at paying up to 25% more by dealing with local estate agencies.

We recommend looking at the local rent and direct buy Websites, you can even join a Twitter or Facebook group and get some local advice.

Our top tip is to visit somewhere like Cafe Florin, the internet Cafe that has already been dealing with holiday accommodation for several years and ask the owners directly.

Cafe Florin is already known as the Language exchange Cafe in Playa del Ingles so they are the best bet to help you talk to or find local owners who want to sell directly.

The Offical Legal Process
if you are interested in buying a property here in Gran Canaria the following is a short overview of the process.

There are 5 official documents you need when buying a property here in Gran Canaria, to ensure everything is performed completely and correctly and that the proper and legal procedures are followed each of these documents are inspected by an authorized official called a Notario.

The Spanish do things little differently
In the United Kingdom each party, the buyer and the seller have a solicitor.
At the moment of purchase the solicitors exchange the contracts and for a short time the money paid goes through the solicitors account, not so in Spain.

Here the purchase fee is paid into the banks and only released to the seller after the Notario has collected and certified the signatures on all of the essential documents are correct at which moment the purchaser becomes the owner the and the seller is allowed by the banks to access the funds paid by the seller to him or her for the purchase of the property

International buyers Guide to buying property in the Canary Islands.

Many Spanish owners are keen to sell their properties, to achieve this they often place adverts ( for free) in some of the popular papers, Web sites and even radio and TV in some case.

Whilst these are all essentail actions because they are only written in Spanish so they fail to reach the very large genuinely interested International audience.

Together with our international buyers guide and the new rent and buy direct movement we too are helping owners advertise directly to the international English speaking community in an effort to speed up the buying process which can be reduced from many months to a few weeks for those that visit here to buy.

New Website with Property for direct sale for Gran Canaria to be launched later this month.

Later this month will see a new Website for the Canary Islands listing properties for direct sale from the owners.
Filling the empty gap between Spanish owners who want to sell directly to buyers and foreign buyers who do not speak Spanish tbut want to buy the new site will be launched later this month or at the latest by July 4th American Independence Day

Updated May 15th 2012
for sale playa del Ingles
With property prices falling there are dozens of new properties coming onto the market over this summer 2012.
Many sellers (Vendedors) know that estate agents may add a high service charge and that this may stop many buyers (Compradors) buying at this time.

Many estate agents (inmobiliarios) can wait for buyers to pay their current asking prices whilst many sellers want to sell as quickly as possible to either service debts or to sell before market prices drop further.
We have been told some owners / sellers are finding that using local estate agents can slow the selling process down too much because of real the profit margins added by the agents, for sale playa del Ingles

For more information see the "Need help Advertising" link above to find out a little more about the new advertising system being introduced to a dozen or more Web sites across the Canary Islands this summer

Forget free magazines, papers and flyer's, they all carry the same old agencies, middle men and markups,.

Deal direct with the Spanish owners

More and more Spanish owners are increasing using low cost local Web advertising to reach a local and overseas English readership.

Good for both sides

Local owners singing up to the new online advertising systems are happy that they are using very low cost English based advertising that both guarantee real readership numbers for advertisers and help buyers and renters avoid fat cat middle man fees
Property Market
Buying Selling and Renting Property for Sale Playa del Ingles
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Buying directly from owners and not via estate ..

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