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This is an industry wide problem and not unique to the Canary Islands because of two simple facts, langauge, most police do not speak other languages (and tourists do not speak the local language ) and secondly the victims are not around for the court prosecution should / when it eventually comes to court.
The only practical answer to this is greater local policing, but like all police forces they can only act on information they clearly understand.
So you are urged to report the crime to help the police aggregate figures, and if you have insurance and wish to claim you will need a reference number from the police to ensure your claim is successful.


We have learnt from the Canary NewsPaper that the Spanish Police are now about to participate on Twitter, this may be a significant opportunity for both parties to discuss problems such as petty theft that affect thousands of tourists to Gran Canaria each year.
Local Authorities
Council run Services Prosecuting those who steal from tourists in Canary Islands
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Countless numbers robbed of right to vote in Spanish elections
You need to ask for your right to vote in Spain or you cannot vote

You need to ask for your right, it is not automatically given. ..

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Telephone services, providers and systems Playa del Ingles Maspalomas
Latest information on Telephone service options providers and systems for the Maspalomas Playa del Ingles area.
For those arriving here..

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Gay and Tourist community Appeal
It's very simple, we would like to know what happened to this boy. There's a dark cloud permanently over this storey and this targeted..
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Emergeny contact the Consulate Embassy English and European Contries list
British Consulate
Consul: Matthew Vickers:
Morote 6, 3rd Floor,:

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Emergency Numbers Gran Canaria Police Ambulance and Fire Brigade
Emergencies when abroad can be extremely stressfull due to the basic language communication problemcoupled with an unfamiliar system.

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General and Local Elections November 2011 victory fo the PP
Victory for the Popularist Party, a new conservative Government takes power as Spain shifts to the right..

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1004 is the Contact Telephone number for Telefonica
To speak to an operator telephone 1004.
If you do not speak Spanish just say
"Soy Ingles" or just say "Ing les", telefonica..

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Cafe Florin helping you enjoy your holiday in the Canary Islands even more.
Most crime in Maspalomas is "minor theft" officially, but if it´s you are the victim there´s nothing minor about it, and if your face to face ..
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Prosecuting those who steal from tourists in Canary Islands
This is an industry wide problem and not unique to the Canary Islands because of two simple facts, langauge, most police do not speak other l..
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ABC of Police in Gran Canaria Canary Islands part 1
There are three core types of Police service.
The local Police "Policia Local" are essentially "traffic cops" as they say in U.S.A. and U..

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