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Password protected networks are described as secure by Microsofts™ operating system as secure when they are password protected.

Whilst this has not offered 100% security, the term useds by Microsoft for connecting PC's to networks in now a working legal defintion is three countries with Spain expected to follow suite with pending cases in Madrid due to be heard in 2013.

With the increasing popularity of Wifi, a more mature technolgy in 2012
Like any holiday resort tourists visiting Playa del Ingles Maspalomas need to rely on the public or hotel based Wifi systems to access the Internet.

Visitors need to know they can access a secure Wifi network.

The world is full of Cowboy operations equally in the Wifi industry in holiday resorts like Gran Canaria.

It's important to point out that we are not referring to free Wifi in Cafes and Bars , that use a password to connect and work for only a few metres, however we are referring to those that call themselves "open" hotspots providers.

Open hotspots are always described as unsecure by industry experts.

Don't take the word of some "honest Dave" or a sidekick "PC mechanic engineer Guru" just ask any of the big computer companies via their public websites; companies like Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Apple, BT etc etc

With 2010 seeing the UK´s DEA (Digital Economy Act) itself maturing into a working practicle piece of legislation so the possibñity of unsecure public Wifi networks being prosecuted draws closer.
In the meantime here in Playa del Ingles, your Microsoft Windows™ PC will indicate that local Wifi providers like offer unsecure services to both the resident and visitor populations.

Although a European wide ratification of the DEA is not easy such unsecure networkds will be given time to clean-up their act or face the state being prosecuted.

Times up Cowboy!
The days of unsecure public Wifi networks are drawing to a close.
We already have successful prosecutions in Germany and the U.K. for unsecure service providers so the case notes, the basis of future European wide case law practice draws closer.

For now the law is being changed country by country with succesful prosecutions.
Of course it's always open to individuals to launch a private prosecution, if you can prove to the courts satisfaction that you have incured losses amounting to more than 300 euros as a result of your PC connecting to an unsecure network like the ones referenced here and throughout Europe then you may well be awared damages nice to be one of the first to use a new law (if your that sort of person), so when the law is about to change we'll let you know via our subscribers list. We will also be working on an expert legal pack that provides evidence from numerous expert sources along with the free software you need to show that you PC was hacked as a result of connecting to an unsecure Public Wifi provider.

Activity and trace logs have been used to show incomming packet activity for many years

Of course if the hacker is connecting to your PC because you are both on the same network, i.e, you are both connected to the same hotspot ib the the


There are still several WIFI signals that are not considered as secure connections which are offered services to visitors in many coastal resorts across the world including Playa del Ingles

Connecting to a services with no padlock symbol puts your PC at greater risk
See the following list to see which networks are unsecure
Typical Wifi signals and services available in the centre of Playa del Ingles 2012 The simple fact is that when you first make a connection to an unsecure network other computers connected to that network can also see that connection, in most cases there is no VPN functionality available to the user (you) connecting.

The definition of a secure and unsecure network is not yet a legal defintion in Europe, but most experts agree that Microsoft have already defined the most sensible practicle defintion, access canot be open, it must be password protected.
This will mean a major rethink for those offering unsecure public Wifi access, here in the Canary Islands as much in Canary Wharf London.

We suggest you try doing a search for
secure wifi playa del ingles
and see what you options you can find.

Remember if you don't see the word secure then you are probably at more risk from those who target the increasingly larger numbers of visitors with laptops / Ipads etc.

Do people care about Wifi security when on holiday>
A recent survey suggests that the majority of people do not care.
Broad band watcher noted
45 per cent of Wi-Fi users may be risking their personal data as it can become accessible to no gooders by logging into services such as social media or internet banking via public hotspots;
15 per cent entered personal finance data such as credit or debit card details over public Wi-Fi;
40 per cent of us all are concerned about “cyber-snooping”;
68 per cent have no idea whether or not their smartphone had a VPN function.
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Secure and Unsecure Wifi Networks in Playa del Ingles Maspalomas
Password protected networks are described as secure by Microsofts™ operating system as secure when they are password protected.


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