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Biggest can mean many different things, the number of pages, the number of hits or the number of unique visitors each month.

Of course these three possible definitions are related; the answer then depends a little bit on your reason for asking

There are several ways to determine the size of Web site.

For various technical reasons (which are not the purpose of this article) Googles estimate of the number of Web pages a Web site has is not totally accurate however it does serve as a measure.

So here's the list of th biggest site in the Canary Islands.

The following show the Web site name and the number of indexed Pages Google reports for each. 30,400 42,200 219,000 125,000 164,000 547,000 902,000

The winner by around 15,000 pages is the Website.

Interestingly our Website is reported by Google to have over 12,000 more pages than the official tourism Website for Gran Canaria.
Using our own exploratory software and crawling from the homepage to every linked page and then every page linked again and so on and so on up to 20 links deep gives us a different set of results.

A good clear idea of how many public pages are available within a domain can only be known by the webmasters and quite often they do not know exactly
5630 pages

8901 pages
9930 pages
2038 pages
5276 pages
12826 pages
9380 pages

Marketing Numero de paginas en las canaria directo 2013 A look at some of the press reveals from the canary Islands reveals that is clearly one of the biggest Websites in the Canary Islands. 953,000 pages 3,072 pages 92,600 pages 645,000 pages 60,600 pages

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Web Positioning
Web Publications and mastering Search Engines The Biggest Website in the Canary Islands
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Gran Canaria
Canary Wharf.
London 2016.

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keywords Gran Canaria and advertising in the Tourist Industry
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This is why..

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Search Engine colossus for the Canary Islands
This is not a search engine, it is a list of static Web pages with links to other sites, some of which have minor search engines


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The Biggest Website in the Canary Islands
Biggest can mean many different things, the number of pages, the number of hits or the number of unique visitors each month.

Of cou..

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