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Gay tourism in the Canary Islands is worth over 1 billion dollars each year.

With most of the high profile focus on southern Gran Canaria all of the Canary islands benefit from two broad categories of Gay and Lesbian tourists.

The short term high spending Gay visitors who spend on average over $200 each day in addition to the hotel and flight.

The longer term generally more senior and elderly Gay communities from across Europe who visit and rent for between 3 to 6 months to enjoy the warm sunshine winter seasons that make places like playa del ingles so popular.

Gay Tourists spend 59.5 percent more than average

Gran Canaria Winter occupancy rates for 2012-2013 hold at 72% as less Spanish holiday in Canaria
billion dollar gay economy Canary Islands 2012 - still growing despite crisis
Total Tourist Spending €2,249,794,455.60 9.33%
Spent in Origin (Cost before arrive) €1,494,670,512.35 6.58%
Spent at/in destination €755,123,943.21 15.22%
Expenditure per trip Total Year Variation
Total Spent €1,147.88 7.82%
Spent in Origin €756,53 5.25%
Spent at/in destination €391.35 5.25%
These numbers shows the remarkably large increase in the number of Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danes has continued to grow at around 10% each year for the last two winter seasons.

Almost mirroring the increase in Scandinavians has been the dramatic 20%drop in the number of British visitors which combined with the 10% drop in German visitors has left overall numbers similar but changed considerably the "type of tourists" that Canary Island businesses need to cater for to survive.

New Casino for a little more of the Royal touch in Playa del Ingles.
Casino Unconfirmed reports suggest a new casino will be opening in the centre of Playa del Ingles in the site of the former Hard Rock Cafe(tm) which closed in 2012

The Canary News in Gran Canaria now resembles a comic



% Variation

Tourists 752,112 9.26%
Passenger arrivals 739,780 9.37%
Overnight Stays 2,415,884 7.64%
Average nights Stay 7.00 -0.18 days



% Variation

Tourists 371,986 -9.58%
Passenger arrivals 403,032 -15.62%
Overnight Stays 2,519,629 -4.57%
Average nights Stay 7.99 0.11%



% Variation

Tourists 172,547 -22.31%
Passenger arrivals 204,421 -9.39%
Overnight Stays 1,037,133 -3.5%
Average nights Stay 7.41 0.23 days
Official estimates vary from 6 to 10% annually of the tourist visitor community across Gran Canaria comprise of LBGT society, however the longer term more senior LBGT community who visit and rent across all of these Islands for the winter season are not included in the LBGT Tourist statistics.

Whilst pledging continuing and growing support a representative of the Canary Island government commented that 10% of the annual tourism that comes to Great Canary fall into the LBGT community, usually of 30-50-year-olds.

With daily average daily spending of €177 euros (not including the flight or hotel costs) Gran Canaria not only leads all of the Islands but also all of Spain with Barcelona in a distant second position with average daily spending of the LBGT members at €143.

In nearly all cases Gay tourists spend anywhere from 20% to 30% more than the average non Gay visitor.

The original LBGT baby boom community, many of who are in the 50-75 year old category rent private accommodation across all of the Canary Islands for an average of 4 months each year.

With a slightly higher average percentage of long term holiday makers belonging to the LBGT community (13%) this group tends to be couples each of whom spend €63 a day ( including accommodation ) and collectively account for over three hundred and thirty million euros annually (€333,250,000).

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Gran Canarias Gay Tourists spend 59.5% more than average tourist spends

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