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Following the fortunes, or should that misfortunes of the Canary News since its new owner Edward Timon took over the paper from Gemma D'Cruz the Spanish business community has not shown any real signs of recovery.
Although earnings from tourism to Gran Canaria have remained fairly robust where those earnings are made has changed.

The Incredible disappearing Canary News.
The Canary News is a free paper relying on advertising; given the reliance on regular small businesses it has been particularly hard hit as a wave of small business have close over the last 2 years.

The summer edition (July-August 2013)appears to be no larger than a comic and unfortunately the print size virtually unreadable.

Perhaps this is a temporary measure however the size does change the nature of the experience to the point where the term "newspaper" does not sit well
The Canary News drops Spanish Section and goes Norwegian.
The Website usually has a PDF version of the latest edition of the newspaper, however since introducing an upside down new front page on the back of the newspaper the PDF version has become unreadable because it is also displaying the new Norwegian section upside down.

The Canary News may no longer be available in Gran Canaria as a free paper.

The Canary News has been questioning it's readership about the possibility of them paying for the paper.

The social network groups have been "sounded out" and their opinion sought about paying a fee of around 1 or 2 euros per copy.

The reality of such a business model is clearly much more complicated for the newpaper as it needs to collect fees unsold copies etc and dropping Spanish and moving to a reverse upside down turnover version in Norwegian has to be seen to be as rather reactive more than strategic.

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