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We discovered this site recently via a Facebook user that is offering a booking service that asks for your credit details over an unsafe connection
We strongly advise everyone not to make any bookings via because it is unsafe to do so

The Website has a page for booking-rent-a-car.html, it is unsafe to give your credit card details over a standard hypertext protocol connection because your credit card number is not encrypted and is sent across the world in an unprotected format

We issue warnings seriously and we are prepared to go to court here in Spain and anywhere in Europe to prosecute or rigorously defend any attempted prosecution against us or our group regarding this article.
If the Website continues to offer transactions over the Internet in this form we suggest you let as many people know as possible not to submit their credit card details to this Website.
Update: the page that requested users to enter their credit card number no longer exists in the form identified when this article was published last week

Following the publication of this article the owners / administrators of the site promptly and correctly removed the contents that featured in our published article The specified content has been removed or modified by means that no longer poses the security threat to the public as identified before this update

We applaud the owners for taking swift action to remedy the situation.

This page will be archived and the title modified when the situation is fully reviewed.
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Computers, using, suppliers and services WARNING - is unsafe to use to make credit card booking
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