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Market share growth
The Canary Islands maintain the number one position as the highest-grossing community with foreign tourists in Spain 2015-16.
Tourist spending for the 2016-16 main season will be announced in late May and is expected to exceed all previous records, again with British and Norwegian visitors topping the all time spending lists

The Canary Islands were also the highest-grossing community with foreign tourists in Spain 2015. Spending in these Islands exceeded 1298 million euros in February 2016 accounted for with mostly Norwegian and British tourists

Spanish Tourism earnings accounted for 6.9 billion euros in January and February 2016 with the Canary Islands and Catalonia leading the> read more here

Sustainability & growth
Green renovation and innovation in the tourist industry happens resort by resort and the end of 2015 saw the end of the development in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

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The jewel in the crown of the Spanish industry the Canary Islands and in particular Maspalomas with its micro climate in southern Gran Canaria is set to detail it's own plans for renovating the beach front at Playa del Ingles and reshape the commercial centre in line with a plan to remove the long standing "temporary" structures that constitute that occupy the beach promenade

The conference was about how growth sustainability and the industry continues its moves to a more greener environmentally friendly world.

Playa del Ingles, Europe's second largest beach resort is surely one of the showcase trails of the industries efforts and world will look here for the very best sustainable tourism has to offer.

It's not just the Spanish Tourist industry thats under the spotlight, on a greater scale its mankind's efforts to protect and cherish beauty spots such as Playa del Ingles and the Canary Islands for medium and the long term future of the Island, the industry and eventually all of us

Wind power and sustainable energy developments in Gran Canaria
Everyone arrivtravellings Palmas airport and traveling south to Maspalomas is always struck by the number of giant Wind turbines generating clean energy for their stay in these Islands.

Whilst solar power and adaption of solar panels is not equally visible there are some world leading technologies and research programs underway throughout the Canary Islands.
Solar panels tend to be on rooftops rather than fields, the installation in Aqüimes is estimated to have produced over 3GWh since June 2011.
World Tourism Day 2012 Maspalomas Gran Canaria Spain

Investing in the future
Unlike so many top resorts where the skyline is spoiled by numerous highrise hotels the developments at Playa del Ingles have avoided mistake.
The tourism board here know that investing in the future is built around protecting the future of your assets

There are still some ideal uncrowded beaches at playa del Ingles, or as an optimistic Englishman like to call it, playa de sol ingles.
Less than 10 minutes walk along the sand seafront to the left ( facing the sea) will bring you to some dream like beauty.
read more here on the hidden treasures at playa del ingles

2013- The Latino population in the USA exceeds the population of Spain
The official population of Spain was was estimated at around 50 million in 2012 which according to the US department of State is on a par with the official Latino population of the USA at the end of 2012.
Given the current status of many Latino workers in the southern US states the real figure in the USA is likely to be a little higher than Spain.
2015 Post Codes Map Gran Canaria Gran Canarias postcode data is hand crafted into the new interactive maps and location information launching on the summer of 2015,
Maspalomas Carnival 2015
This years 2015 Carnival is a Two week long event ! The starting dates were published back in November of 2014, a marketing difference from previous years where the dates were never confirmed until a few weeks before the event. The official poster for the Maspalomas carnival shown at the press conference announcing the Carnival does not contain dates though but hopefully that was just a minor slip and we can look forward to a bigger than ever Maspalomas Carnival 2015
The 2015 published dates are Friday February 20th to Sunday March 1st.

Gran Canaria Business Week Gran Canaria Business Week saw the launch of a new website marketing system designed to satisfy the needs of the business websites to market and advertise to the millions of multilingual multicultural visitors these islands receive each year.
Gay Pride Week 2015
Maspalomas Gay Pride 2015 starts early in May and as Playa del Ingles awaits another calima we reveal how the Gay Tourism sector is worth over one billion dollars annually to the Canary Islands.
read more here
The Billion dollar Gay
£400 million upgrade nearing completion
Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles are nearing the end of their major upgrade to the tourist zones. The final pedestrianization of main road leading to the beach is underway and is expected to be complete by July 2015 read more here

The Yumbo Centrum's two Websites battle it out for popularity
more here on the battle of Websites shortly...

Sustainability in World Tourism 2012 Maspalomas Gran Canaria Spain

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Market share growth
The Canary Islands maintain the number one position as the highest-grossing community with foreign tourists in..

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